OSMO-WATT® is a solar container, with autonomous production from a single 20ft container using solar energy for a drinking water production ranging between 5 to 100m3 per day.  


  • Combination of two industrial solutions: OSMOSUN® & MOBIL-WATT®
  • Autonomous water production in one single container
  • One site commissioning in less than 24 hours
  • No civil works required on site
  • Over the sun, no battery or energy storage
  • Skid mounted reverse osmosis unit including pre & post treatment


Orientation East/West or South
Number of modules 30 to 174
Module power 300 Wp
Power 5 to 22 kWp
Watter production /From 5 to 100 m3/ per day

For mobile, semi-mobile or stationary use 

Ideal solution for a quick installation in a humanitarian,military or natural disaster relief aid context.

Humanitarian, Military, Crisis situations

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