solar container mobil-watt® solar generator container solar plant photovoltaïc container

An ideal solution for quick set-up in less than 2 hours, with no civil engineering required, as well as for mobile operations

The Mobil-Watt® is a solar power generator in the form of a shipping container that comes pre-wired and pre-connected, meaning it can be deployed in less than 2 hours. The container is fitted with an insulated, air-conditioned control cell, helping to extend the lifespan of the unit’s components. This is a rapid deployment solution, ideal for use in isolated areas or for ad hoc needs.


  • 3 or even 5 times cheaper than diesel generators in terms of the kWh cost
  • An ideal solution for use in isolated areas, no civil engineering required
  • Ready to use, no need for specialist labour
  • Free and renewable energy: intelligent management of energy production
  • No fuel costs or logistics costs for supplies - low maintenance
  • No noise pollution or unpleasant odours
  • Rapid deployment
Facing East/West or South
Modules 30 to 174
Module power 300 Wc
Power 9 kWc to 67 kWc

Units can be connected together in order to increase the power output.

An ideal solution for energy requirements in isolated areas, including off-grid environments, or ad hoc needs (mobile operations, for example).

Humanitarian, Ecotourism, Mobile worksites, Military, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Rural electrification, Energy producers, Mining, Events, Base camps / site facilities, Waste and water processing, Island areas, Crisis situations

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