Ecosun Innovations, a subsidiary of Ecosun Groupe- a pioneering international organisation

Many great stories start with people coming together: ECOSUN GROUPE are no exception.
The company was founded after a meeting between four entrepreneurs, each of whom had felt compelled to enter into the world of renewable energy.

« We had ideas, and once we started sharing that gave rise to our very first projects.
Other professionals then started coming to see us, trusting us to do with their projects what we had successfully been able to do with our own. »

And so ECOSUN GROUPE was born, a company whose field of expertise continues to expand. Founded in 2008, their business is centred around:

  • Electricity production (50%)
  • The sale of turnkey, industrial-scale solar power plants (40%) Their business also includes the development of roof-based (based on the Z.I. Model with Positive Energy) and grounded solar power units.
  • Cleaning roofs equipped with photovoltaic solar panels and maintenance (10%)
  • More recently, the sale of “ready to connect” solar power solutions as part of the Ecosun Innovations range

A highly innovative company

Over the years, Ecosun have shown their ability to combine economic development with innovation.

In 2013, they created France’s first positive energy zone in Hombourg, which would go on to be given the title of “Demonstration building” by the Fibres-Energivie centre of excellence.

Then, in 2014, they introduced the first remote-controlled robot for cleaning solar roofs, both for their own needs and for client services (more than 500,000m2 cleaned to date). That same year, the company was also awarded Export Trophy by the Alsace CCI and was a finalist in the Alsace Innovation Awards.

2015 saw yet more innovation, with Ecosun creating France’s first self-sufficient solar power plant. The purpose of this facility is to produce electricity as reliably as possible, which will then be directly used by electrical equipment located on-site. Ecosun were also active in the Astainable project in Kazakhstan. This 3D urban demonstrator brings together a wealth of French expertise involved in the emergence of sustainable cities.

2016 also saw the launch of the Ecosun Innovations range, spearheaded by the patented Mobil-Watt® concept, which won the Energy Globe Award at the COP 22 in Marrakesh as well as the Alsace Innovation prize, awarded to the most avant-garde solutions.

In 2017 and 2018, Ecosun Innovations deployed solar solutions in a number of countries, establishing themselves as a technological reference point when it comes to off-grid solutions.

2019 has seen the introduction of the new Frame-Watt®, Mobil-Kit®, Fix-Watt® and Rescue-Watt® products, with Ecosun Innovations now offering the widest range available on the market.

In total, Ecosun Innovations have installed more than 100 systems across the globe. The month of May saw the company move past 1,000,000 m2 of solar roofs cleaned robotically.


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