ECOSUN Innovations, a subsidiary of ECOSUN Groupe- a pioneering international organisation

Many great stories start with people coming together: ECOSUN GROUPE are no exception.
The company was founded after a meeting between four entrepreneurs, each of whom had felt compelled to enter into the world of renewable energy.

« We had ideas, and once we started sharing that gave rise to our very first projects.
Other professionals then started coming to see us, trusting us to do with their projects what we had successfully been able to do with our own. »

And so ECOSUN GROUPE was born, a company whose field of expertise continues to expand. Founded in 2008, their business is centred around:

  • Production of energy (a group of companies under the umbrella ECOSUN Production)
  • Sale of photovoltaic power plants ready to use (industrial size), robotized solar roof cleaning , maintenance and repair under the entity ECOSUN Expert
  • The design, manufacturing and sell of Off-grid, Plug and Play and mobile solar solutions from the range ECOSUN Innovations 

Each activity contributes to about 1/3 of the global turnover of the group.

A highly innovative company

ECOSUN Innovations, a branch of the ECOSUN group, has been created in 2015. In 2020, the French energy EDF group joined the shareholders with 29%.

ECOSUN Innovations activity is to design, build and commercialize innovative and mobile Plug and Play solutions. Our solar power plants allow our customers to bring green energy into remote areas as well as to energize mobile operations in replacement of diesel gensets.

The use cases are varied: rural electrification, humanitarian, mining operations, civil engineering, construction sites, events, defence operations, agriculture irrigation, waste treatment, ecotourism….

Product range progressively extended to further Plug & Play solutions like trailers, solar frames, containerized plants. Some of our solar systems can be used to create income-generating activities like in the case of water treatment (drinking or agricultural purpose), solar refrigeration etc.  Over the time, the Ecosun range has become the largest and most innovation in the market.

The ECOSUN Innovations range combines performance, economy, and protection of the environment by making available a clean and secure source of energy, sustainable over the time and suitable for all types of sites.

More than 150 ECOSUN Innovations are in operation across the world, over 5 continents. Since 2023, the company has deployed local presence via several offices in Africa, Asia and Germany.

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