The Plug and Play solar solution from 6 to 12 panels. 

The Frame-Watt® 6 or 12 panels is a kit that can be installed on a modular construction, sea container or bungalow. It allows to produce energy in self-consumption or total autonomy. Transport is optimized as the systems are stackable (up to 8 units).  

The system can also travel on a 20' container (“Twist-lock”) in a HC mode. 

The advantages:

  • Lockable and stackable system thanks to the "Twist Lock" (up to 8 units for transport)
  • Fast deployment (between 15 and 30min)
  • Outdoor box totally pre-wired and pre-tested 
  • Wiring according to European standards
  • Safe and easy access for maintenance operations 

Dimensions on container

  6 PV 12 PV
Length (m) 6.06 6.06
Width (m) 2.44 2.44
Height (m) 0.13 0.29
Weight (Kg) 380 900


PV module technology Monocistallin
Numbers of modules 6 or 12 manually deployables
Module power 390 Wp*
Total power 4.68 kWp* (12 panels)
*Depending on components availability  

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