The Plug ad Play solution from 6 to 12 panels. 

The Frame-Watt® 6 or 12 panels is a platform that can be fitted on top of containers or worksite portakabins. It allows to produce enrgy in auto consumption or total autonomy.  

The systems can be stacked on top of each other (up to 8 units), thus optimising transport. 

- System can be transported on the 20 foot container (“Twist-lock” locking) - in High Cube mode

- Fast deployment (between 15 and 30mins) 

- Modules are East-West facing, ensuring optimum solar capture

- Small wind surface area, can be folded away in adverse weather conditions

Dimensions on container

  6 PV 12 PV
Length (m) 6.06 6.06
Width (m) 2.44 2.44
Height (m) 0.13 0.29
Weight (Kg) 380 900

Electrical specifications

Photovoltaic system

PV module technology Monocistallin
Numbers of modules 6 or 12 deployables manually 
Module power 390 Wp 
Total power 4.68 kWp (12 panels)

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