The 130kWp redeployable solar solution for intermediate project size and implementation between 1 and 5 years

Mobil-Grid® 500+ solarfold is a 20 Feet ISO High Cube container, with CSC certification, which integrates a plug and play pre-wired deployable and redeployable solar plant  

The strong points of the Mobil Grid® 500+ solarfold:

  • Solution fully pre-assembled and pre-wired
  • Very high capacity in a 20 Feet container (130 kWp)
  • Ideal for large solar plants starting from 130 kWp
  • Interconnectable containers for duplicated power 
  • Very quick folding and unfolding in case of cyclonic conditions 
  • Possibilité to have the unfloding and refolding operations motorized (in less than 1 hour)
  • Quick set up
  • No construction permit in most of the cases
  • Usable in On-Grid modus(self consumption) or Off-Grid (coupled with our Solar Hybrid Box® storage solutions)

Size of the deployed container : width 6 x length 125 meters 

Lenght of the deployed solar plant : 125m

Width of the deployed solar plant : 6m

Heigth of the deployed solar plant : 0,5m 

Weight of full container with PV and inverters : 13,5 tons 

Total Power : 130kWp

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