solar repair case
solar repair case Rescue-Watt® Rescue-Watt® solar case Rescue-Watt® photovoltaic case

The solar solution for emergency repairs and crisis situations

The Rescue-Watt® system is an autonomous repair kit designed for use by NGOs and in emergency operations following humanitarian or climate-related catastrophes.

Containing flexible, light and unbreakable panels, the autonomous system is equipped with a current converter enabling 5 and 240 V energy source distribution depending on requirements.

It also houses a 12 V charger for batteries, with adjustment pods for car or truck batteries.

The small model can travel in your hold luggage, while the larger one can travel in a flight case, thus optimising transport.

Electrical specifications

Photovoltaic system  
Technologie des modules PV Crystalline, flexible and light (2 kgs / m2)
Number of blankets 4 or 10 - with built-in cells for deployment
System power 800 Wc - 2 kWc

Emergency repairs, such as individual electrification, for example (lights, phone chargers, etc.).

Crisis situations

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