container générateur solaire local technique
container solaire inverters and batteries local container solar inverters and batteries

A solution for the permanent electrification of isolated sites

Fixed solar power generator

The Fix-Watt® is an on-grid or off-grid container with an insulated, air-conditioned control cell and pre-wired batteries that can be fitted either to your roof or to the ground. The fitting and structural modules, transported in this same container, have been designed to be deployed on site on a permanent basis.

The very first containerised and patented mobile solar power generator designed to be deployed permanently, without the need for any specialist photovoltaic structure.

  • The pack of modules are delivered pre-assembled, pre-wired and stored inside the container designed to be used as the plant room for controlling the generator.
  • Simple and easy to deploy, it does not require any specific qualifications or civil engineering work.
  • Helps cut costs and investment from the outset

Electrical specifications

Photovoltaic system

PV module technology Crystalline, glass or flexible
Number of modules Between 30 and 174
Module power 300 Wc
Total power Between 9 and 120 kWc


  • SMA Sunny Tripower inverter
  • SMA Sunny Island 6.0H/8.0H inverter

Battery system

An ideal solution for electrification in insulated areas and for fitting modules to the ground or to roofs, PV field to be deployed on site.

Ecotourism, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Rural electrification, Energy producers, Service stations

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