The ideal solution for your off-grid cold storage needs

Cool-Watt® is a solar power plant designed as a 20 feet maritime container, pre-cabled and pre-tested so that it can be deployed in less than 1 hour without civil engineering or specialists. This container includes the conversion and batteries and is equipped with an insulated and air-conditioned room for food conservation at low temperature (between 3 & 20 degrees - setable)

The system works in full autonomy via solar energy and batteries.

  • Container solar capacity 9kWp
  • Integrated refrigerated and air-conditioned storage room from 3 to 20°C – volume 15m3
  • High-performance plug-and-play system
  • Very fast implementation, without PV specialist and civil works
  • Mobile and autonomous power generation
Orientations Est/West or South
Panels 26
Power of panels  370 Wp
Power  11 kWp
Isolated room, refrigerated Approx. 15m3 (7,5m2 floor surface x2m height)
Cooling capacity  Between 3 and 20°C, (depending on amount of goods stored)

NB: In case of punctual non-use of the storage room, the energy generated by solar and stored via batteries can be used for other purposes. 

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