mobil-watt® for military purpose, alternative to diesel generator

The Alsace-based company Ecosun unveil their ready-to-use mobile solar power plant

The Alsace-based SME are already reaping the rewards for their invention, the Mobil-Watt®, which, using a mobile block, miniaturises the solar energy production process that Ecosun Expert have been renowned for since they began operations in 2008.
Their patented invention, housed in a standard 20 foot container, comes pre-assembled and pre-cabled, meaning it is ready to use straight away.
In keeping with their earlier breakthroughs, Ecosun Expert identified eight potential openings, including electricity provision for remote areas, agriculture, military, ecotourism, mining and mobile construction sites.

— Extract taken from an article published on 26/1/2016 on the website Traces Écrites

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