solar container generator supply electricity to village

‘Sun in a box’ is one way of summing up the solution put forward by Ecosun Innovations, a company within the wider Haut Rhin-based group Ecosun Expert, who have a wide and innovative range of mobile solar power generators - the most notable of which is housed in a 20 foot standard container (6.5 m x 2.30 m). According to Frédéric Rohmer, one of the group's four associate directors, “This is a real alternative to diesel generators. Everything comes pre-assembled and pre-cabled, meaning three people can have it operational in just an hour and a half. There’s no need for any civil engineering, building license, shelter or anything like that”.

— Extract taken from an article published on 23/1/2017 in DNA (Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace)

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