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The semi-mobile solar solution for your 6 months to 10 years projects. 

The Mobil-Grid® is an ISO-standard, CSC-approved maritime container that integrates a photovoltaic power plant, ready to be deployed and connected, with integrated control cell and batteries. 

  • Insulated, air-conditioned, pre-wired and pre-tested technical room
  • Pre-assembled modules per set of 8 panels (3 to 3.5 kWp/wing) 
  • Safe and easy access for maintenance 

Photovoltaic system

PV module technology Monocristallin
Number of modules Between 30 and 400
Module power375  375 to 450 Wc
Total power (depending on the modules) Up to 75 kWp in 20 foot / Up to 150 kWp in 40 foot


  • SMA Sunny Tripower inverter
  • SMA Sunny Island inverter

The Mobil-Grid® is the ideal solution for use in isolated areas, for large ground-mounted generators or for parks connected to the grid.

For use on isolated sites, storage batteries can be supplied in a separate container.

  • Extremely easy to deploy, quick installation
  • Ready to use, fully pre-wired in containers that can be linked together
  • Transport container serves as a pre-wired, air-conditioned plant room
  • No need for specialist labour
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Saves space: no need for any additional plant room
  • Connected to the grid / self-consumption

Humanitarian, Ecotourism, Mobile worksites, Agriculture, Rural electrification, Energy producers, Mining, Base camps / site facilities, Island areas

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