Ecosun Innovations offers a range of mobile solar container generators designed to provide electricity in remote locations, operating self-sufficiently or for mobility purposes.
An alternative to diesel or other types of power generators.

  • Innovative, unique and patented solutions.

  • Can be used anywhere, in all weather conditions.

  • Zero carbon emissions, no fossil energy.

  • Reduce your costs
    by up to a third.


high-power mobile solar power plant

Article from l’Alsace

Last year, the Alsace-based company Ecosun launched the first high-power mobile solar power plant. The Mobil-Watt® is chiefly designed to supply electricity to remote areas or for mobile operations.

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mobil-watt® for military purpose, alternative to diesel generator

Traces Écrites article

The Alsace-based SME are already reaping the rewards for their invention, the Mobil-Watt®, which, using a mobile block, miniaturises the solar energy production process that Ecosun Expert have been renowned for since they began operations in 2008.

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solar container generator supply electricity to village

DNA article

‘Sun in a box’ is one way of summing up the solution put forward by Ecosun Innovations, a company within the wider Haut Rhin-based group Ecosun Expert, who have a wide and innovative range of mobile solar power generators - the most notable of which is housed in a 20 foot standard container (6.5 m x 2.30 m). According to Frédéric Rohmer, one of the group's four associate directors, “This is a real alternative to diesel generators. Everything comes pre-assembled and pre-cabled, meaning three people can have it operational in just an hour and a half.

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mobile containerised solar generator

France Bleu report on the Mobil-Watt mobile solar power generator

The world’s first mobile solar power plant, launched in Alsace by the Haut Rhin-based company Ecosun Expert last year, has been a resounding success. A dozen or so of these plants are now operational in Nigeria, Mali and Chile. The concept: to supply solar energy for even the most remote areas.

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