solar kit mobil-kit®
solar kit mobil-kit® solar kit mobil-kit® solar kit mobil-kit®

Autonomous mobile kit with adjustable panel, batteries and 5.12 and 240 V inverter

The Mobil-Kit is a movable system designed to combat the risk of theft or shadows that can affect a system’s solar productivity. It also boasts a 100° panel rotation axis.

It has 6 settings per day, enough to boost panel production by roughly 30% over the course of a year.

Furthermore, all of the components are built-in (batteries, electronics, sockets), making the Mobil-Kit a genuinely autonomous system.


  • Container capable of housing up to 400 kits during transport
  • Individual kit capable of ranging from 2 to 5 kWc (including modules, roof-fitting system, inverters, wires)
  • The ideal solution for the electrification of a group of houses or offices
  • Easy to deploy for a specialist solar installer
Components Origin
Movable solar barrow France
Solar panel (minimum power 250 Wc) Europe
Batteries Germany
Inverter and charge controller France

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