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On-Grid solar container - standard individual power 74 kWc and 148kWc. Ideal for ground-mounted solar parks, re-deployable for total power outputs in excess of 500 kWc

The Mobil-Grid® is a plug and play photovoltaic power generator with a built-in control cell housed within a standard shipping container.

  • High-performance, low maintenance system
  • Can be repositioned, where necessary
  • Quick assembly, no civil engineering required

Electrical specifications

Photovoltaic system

PV module technology Crystalline, glass modules
Number of modules 200
Module power 370 Wc
Total power (depending on the modules) 74 kWc

Battery system (optional)


  • SMA Sunny Tripower inverter

An ideal solution for on-grid (wired or generator) solar electrification and energy production from 500 kWc upwards (containers can be connected together).

Humanitarian, Ecotourism, Agriculture, Rural electrification, Energy producers, Mining, Base camps / site facilities, Island areas

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