Given that conventional solar power plants are not suitable for use in developing areas, Ecosun designed the Mobil-Watt® range, capable of meeting the following requirements: providing green energy in remote areas without electricity or replacing diesel generators - no problem!
Is your business expanding? Are you looking to change location? Our mobile solutions have been specifically designed for that purpose and can easily be moved and/or relocated.


Containerised solar power generators

The first fully pre-cabled, mobile, high capacity (9 to 52 kWp) solar power plant, it is ready for operational use within a maximum of 2 hours.
Our patented system: the units are delivered in containers, with a sliding structure meaning they can be deployed and stored away as you wish; a perfect replacement for diesel generators.


  • Up to 3 and even 5 times more cost effective than diesel generators
  • The ideal solution for remote areas, no civil engineering required
  • Ready to use, no need for specialist personnel
  • Free, renewable energy: an intelligent way of managing energy production
  • No fuel costs and no need for any supply logistics, low maintenance
  • No sound disturbance or unpleasant smells

Trailer solar power generators

This super-mobile trailer solar power plant can be pulled by light vehicles up to 7.2 kWp (16, 18 or 24 panels) complete with storage batteries. Self-sufficient solar power made possible wherever you are! Zero carbon emissions, fully economical.


  • Up to 2 and even 3 times more cost effective than diesel generators
  • Quick installation: ready to use or stored away in just 5 minutes
  • Easy to use, durable design
  • The ideal solution for providing electricity to remote or difficult to access areas
  • Can be used for pumping and irrigation
  • Can be used for temporary lighting
  • Can be used to supply electric motors

Top solar generator

A half-height container, including a pre-installed and pre-cabled 6 kWp photovoltaic unit that can be stored away and fitted to a 20 foot container.  

For overall sunshine levels of 1800 kWp, the unit will produce 6,500 kWh each year, or 18 kWh/day.


  • Easy to transport
  • Saves space: the container can be used as: an office container, sanitary container, kitchen, storage container, mobile worksite unit
  • Quick assembly: 10 mins with 2 people
  • Silent, non-pollutant
  • Plug & play connectivity: ready to use right away
  • The energy produced can be used directly, either stored in battery form or converted into hot water

Containerised hybrid solar power generator

A hybrid version of the containerised solar power generator.
Incorporates an emergency diesel generator for temporary use or use at night.
The only patented system: fully ready-to-use, sliding and deployable.


  • A system for automatically recharging batteries when production exceeds consumption
  • The ideal solution for use in remote areas
  • Ready to use, no need for specialist personnel