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Mobil-Watt® Electricity
Orientation East/West or South
Modules 30 to 174
Module power 260 Wp to 300 Wp
Power 9 kWp to 52.2 kWp

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Capable of functioning independently of an electricity grid, the Mobil-Watt® comes pre-installed and pre-cabled and is capable of supplying energy in remote areas where connecting to an electricity grid is not possible, but also for short-term requirements (mobile operations, for example).
The container is fitted with an automated management system for controlling energy prioritisation as follows: solar, battery, external source.

Significant battery storage: from 15 to 90 kWh.
Remote monitoring of production data via the GSM grid.

No civil engineering required.
Complies with all international maritime, road and rail transport standards.


  • There is the option of a winch positioning system being supplied should any handling problems arise.
  • The control room will be ventilated for moderate climates and air-conditioned for tropical regions.
  • A key component in energy generation, making it possible to supply refrigerated containers and water purification containers.
  • Optional dust removal compressor for solar panels when using in dusty/desert regions.
  • Optional anti-corrosion coating/finishing for saline environments when using in maritime and coastal regions.
  • It will be possible to connect containers to each other or to other energy sources (diesel generators).

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Fast motion Mobil-Watt® set-up video

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